Transitions on a tour help link back to the theme, keeping the framework present in visitors’ minds. Keep transitions simple to signal the expectation for the group to move. For example, if you are moving from Louis Majorelle’s “Chicorée” style buffet (fig. 2) to Helena Hernmarck, Four Tulips (fig. 3), focusing on the theme of inspired natural forms, here are some options to transition:

  • Now that we’ve seen inspired natural forms in this furniture, let’s see how nature influences the work of a textile artist.
  • We’ve observed the plant forms in Majorelle’s buffet, and next we’ll see how a contemporary artist weaves in floral shapes.
  • Let’s now jump from wood to wool, to see how impressions of nature are captured in a textile.
  • Figure 2
    Louis Majorelle, 1859–1926, Chicorée style buffet, 1902, black walnut, The Modernism Collection, Gift of Norwest Bank Minnesota View in Mia’s collection
    Figure 3
    Helena Hernmarck, 1941, Four Tulips, 1999, wool, Gift of Helena M. Hernmarck ©1999 Helena Hernmarck View in Mia’s collection