Route planning

If you are an Art Adventure guide, you receive an assigned route for your tour. Remember to select substitutes that fit well within your route (e.g., if a slot for a substitute falls between two stops within second floor galleries, choose a substitute on the second floor between those stops).

For other tours, once you have a proposed list of artworks, plan a viable route. Try to avoid circling back on your route. If it is a large tour group with multiple docents or guides assigned, check in with one another so routes do not collide at certain stops.

Tip: Work in a couple quick stops, especially if you have a long walk between artworks on your tour. These quick stops may not always connect to your theme, but they help re-engage groups or visitors who are disinterested. This is a good tactic to keep a group engaged, especially if you are touring a school group.

Most important, walk your route before your tour to check all artworks are still on view. Be aware of the locations of elevators, restrooms, and water fountains within your route to support any accessibility or other needs of your group.