School or Youth Tours

Now that you have welcomed the group, it’s time to put your tour preparation into action! Guides and docents have commented, I only have one hour! What can I accomplish on a tour? The answer is simple. Incite a desire in those students to return again, with their families and friends. Value their observations and empower their voices to make them feel welcome in this space.

School tour groups are the most diverse groups coming to Mia, better reflecting the demographics of our community. With school tours, the opportunity exists to establish a connection with our next generation, those who will be the future stewards of the museum.

Ideally, your tour contact will inform you in advance of any necessary accommodations within your group so you can plan accordingly to support any needs on the tour. If your tour has children on the autism spectrum, for example, we have visual cards developed in coordination with Autism Society of Minnesota (AuSM) to support communication with all students and encourage their participation on the tour.

Tip: On a general note, keep children seated on the floor whenever possible. Being seated redirects the focus of the group to your facilitation of the discussion and leads to higher engagement levels.