A tour conclusion briefly sums up the purpose and theme of a tour. “Today we looked at art about animals from all over the world—all of them amazing. We discovered that no matter where you live, animals play an important part in the lives of humans.” Students often enjoy reflecting on their favorite artworks; you might even consider asking one last question: “What was your favorite artwork today?” or “What would you come back to see again?”

A conclusion also can encourage participants to return. You could ask, “What art would you like to show your family or friends who are not here today?” Thank the group for visiting Mia and invite them back. Hand out Family Day cards as a way to invite a return visit. Connect one last time with the chaperones and invite them to return with their children.

Tip: Give the Family Day cards to the chaperones to distribute at the end of the tour. To encourage feedback on tours, also hand out a K-12 School Tour Feedback form to one of the chaperones.